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Save time bouncing between publishers. Connect AdWords, Facebook, Bing or Y!Gemini in an instant.

Focus On Marketing Results
Put your KPIs and budgets into Acquisio and let us drastically improve campaign performance, automatically.

Simply the Data You Want
Slice and dice campaign data however you need. We have all the data publishers offer, plus much more.

At Acquisio, we wake up everyday inspired to empower campaign managers to thrive in the changing digital economy.

We do this by simplifying the growing complexity of online advertising and optimizing bids & budgets with data.

Our award-winning machine learning algorithms perform millions campaign adjustments per day saving you hours of grunt work.

Why manage your campaigns manually?

Trusted by more than 500 businesses running 300,000 campaigns with a yearly ad spend of more than $1 billion

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"Our clients more than doubled their conversions and drastically reduced the cost per conversion. The client is really happy with us and that means we're really happy with Acquisio."

Heitor Siviero, Digital Marketing Analyst

Features INCLUDE:

  • Campaign Management
  • Social Ad Optimization
  • Branded Reports
  • 24/7 Chat Support
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For small marketers and agencies with fewer than 5 accounts and less than $5k monthly ad spend.



Acquisio Pricing Plans

All Starter Features PLUS:

  • Bid & Budget Optimization
  • Advanced Campaign View
  • Reporting Templates
  • Report Scheduler
  • AdWords to Bing Ad Cloner
  • Call Tracking Integration
  • Advanced Data Sources
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For medium size marketers and agencies with fewer than 25 accounts and less than $50k monthly ad spend.



All Standard Features PLUS:

  • Campaign Management
  • Customizable Bid Rules
  • Custom Columns
  • Bulk Campaign Management
  • Campaign Warning Alerts
  • Agency Extranet
  • BBM Account Analyst
  • ETL & Custom Integration*
  • Real-Time Inventory Management*
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For larger marketers and agencies with fewer than 50 accounts and less than $100k monthly ad spend.




* May require additional setup fees

A package for every budget

See how far you can take your PPC!

Features Built for the Campaign Manager

High-frequency predictive bid optimization

White label reporting

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Easy setup. 45 day free trial. No commitment.

Consistent budget spend

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More data, like geo localisation, brand keywords...
Manage all your ads publishers in one dashboard

Start with connecting accounts, end with a lower CPC

AdWords to Bing Power Cloner

FaceBook A/B & multivariate testing

Bulk editor

Heitor Siviero

Digital Marketing Analyst

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*Results derived from 20,000 campaigns running on Acquisio

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